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A Question of Belonging, Part Two

We sit in the church pew week after week, and we’re faced with the same question: Will we choose to believe the gospel of Jesus Christ? Alistair Begg explains that if we choose willful unbelief, we will have no excuse on judgment day. If we believe, the Holy Spirit will come and guide us into all truth.


John 15:18-16:4
id: 1284

A Question of Belonging, Part One

We all desire to be liked, but Alistair Begg explains that if we are seeking approval from the world, we are seeking it from the wrong place. Followers of Jesus Christ are called to live a radically different lifestyle from the world’s lifestyle. Therefore, living for Christ and seeking the world’s approval will never go hand-in-hand.


John 15:18-27
id: 1282

The Friends of Jesus

Many of us yearn for the joy that comes from lifelong friendship. We don’t always find a friend like that here on earth, but Jesus told His disciples in John chapter 15 that God initiates that kind of friendship with us. Alistair Begg explains that when we respond to God’s invitation of friendship, we find joy that won’t fade.


John 15:9-17
id: 1281