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Basics 2012

The Basics 2012 Pastor’s Conference at Parkside Church was marked by a clear call for pastors to devote themselves to prayer and ministry of the Word. Teaching from Acts 6, pastors were encouraged to revisit the apostles’ theological decision to preach the Gospel, leaving the task of feeding widows to competent men in the church. While many today find themselves consumed by the latest fad or new idea, Alistair Begg affirmed that preaching and prayer are the primary duties of the pastor.

Mark Dever and Voddie Baucham joined Alistair Begg for the Basics 2012 Conference on May 14-16, 2012 at ... More 

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A Religious Problem

Why is it so important that elders be men who know, teach, and live the truth? Titus 1:10-16 explains that it is a matter of spiritual life and death. Elders must be able to teach the truth so that the people under their care know sound doctrine and are able to distinguish counterfeits in their midst.


Titus 1:10-16
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Series: Get It Right, Volume 1

Panel Question Time

Listen in as Pastors Baucham, Begg and Dever answer questions from this year’s Basics attendees on topics ranging from church discipline to the support and training of young men who desire to become pastors.


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Series: Basics 2012

As For You, Titus

Moving into the second chapter of Titus, it is helpful to focus first on what Paul says directly to this younger pastor, in verses 1, 7-8, and 15. The apostle's messsage is clear and consistent: teach sound doctrine - with dignity and integrity, with good works and godly character, and with the authority given by God himself.


Series: Get It Right, Volume 1

Truth Tightly Packed, Part One

Paul wrote to Titus as a servant of God, appointed by grace, with a clear purpose in mind: to see people come to faith and grow in the faith to which they have come. This study in Titus 1:1-4 explores Paul's authority and the singlemindedness of his ministry to the people whom God has been calling to himself from eternity.


Titus 1:1-4
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Series: Get It Right, Volume 1