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Our Money Matters, Part Two

This sermon reminds us that God is not disgusted at money itself, but He IS disgusted when it becomes the dominating devotion of one’s life. Do we, as God’s stewards, ever give until it hurts, or do we give out of our abundance? Does fear make us give because we have to, or does love make us give because we want to?


Our Money Matters, Part One

In light of God’s ownership of everything, the Bible has a lot to say about money and giving. True giving must always be in response to recognizing we are the recipients of undeserved grace, and realizing we are mere managers of what God has given us. Unlike paying a utility bill, giving to the church should be a willing, joyful, and sacrificial practice.


If Anyone Would Come After Me, He Must...Seek His Kingdom

In what does your life consist? A man has come to Rabbi Jesus with an apparently reasonable request: to resolve a family dispute about inheritance, hopefully in his favor. Jesus responds by challenging him, and us, to re-orient our entire way of thinking about material things.


Luke 12:13-31
id: 1006

The Widow's Offering

God doesn't need our resources to establish His kingdom, but He gives us the privilege of using what we have for His purposes. In this study from Mark 12, we meet a woman who illustrates through her sacrificial giving what it means to be "all in" for the cause of Christ.


Mark 12:41-44
id: 2804

Overflowing with Thankfulness, Part 2

Generous and joyful giving should be an overflow of our gratitude. In Exodus 35, the Israelites set an example for us of abundant giving to the Lord’s work.


Exodus 35:4-35
id: 2716

Series: Thankful Living

Listen, You Rich Men

Some Christians may feel guilty over the amount of possessions they have, especially since there are so many needy people in the world. Alistair Begg teaches us that earthly riches are an expression of God’s kindness, but it is the misuse of wealth that the Bible warns against. When we find security in our earthly treasures instead of our heavenly treasure, we have turned away from the only thing that will last forever – our union with Christ.


James 5:1
id: 2597

Series: Faith that Works, Volume 3

Ill-Gotten Gain, Part One

What does the Bible say about those who have lots of money? In the fifth chapter of James, we find a stinging rebuke to those who misuse their wealth. Alistair Begg instructs those who have been blessed with fortune to stay humble, put their hope in God instead of their wealth, and share their resources with those in need.


James 5:1
id: 2609

Series: Faith that Works, Volume 3

Ill-Gotten Gain, Part Two

When covetousness takes hold of people, they will go to great lengths to secure their desires. Often this is done at the expense of those who are destitute and unable to defend themselves. Alistair Begg warns us that greed will not go unpunished and that money will not be a shield against God’s judgment.


James 5:1
id: 2610

Series: Faith that Works, Volume 3

Faith that Works, Volume 3

The Christian life involves a constant battle against sin. Christians are often guilty of “respectable” sins that may not seem gross by the world’s standards, but about which the Bible speaks quite strongly. As Alistair Begg continues our study in James, we see how far short we fall of God’s perfect standard. God’s law reveals that we are desperately proud, prone to controversy and slander, and often inclined to mismanage our time and money. This wonderfully practical study reminds us of our great need of a Savior and points us to the Cross, where we find complete forgiveness and peace. ... More 

James 4:1-5:6
id: 15903
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