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Basics 2012

The Basics 2012 Pastor’s Conference at Parkside Church was marked by a clear call for pastors to devote themselves to prayer and ministry of the Word. Teaching from Acts 6, pastors were encouraged to revisit the apostles’ theological decision to preach the Gospel, leaving the task of feeding widows to competent men in the church. While many today find themselves consumed by the latest fad or new idea, Alistair Begg affirmed that preaching and prayer are the primary duties of the pastor.

Mark Dever and Voddie Baucham joined Alistair Begg for the Basics 2012 Conference on May 14-16, 2012 at ... More 

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Pastoral Priorities, Part Two

How should a pastor prioritize the many demands placed upon his time and energy? Alistair Begg emphasizes that this question must not be answered by looking to the expectations of the congregation, but by examining what the Bible has to say. The pastor's priority must be the faithful preaching of God's Word, undergirded with prayer and with Jesus in view. Faithful ministry of this kind builds up the congregation and equips the people for acts of service.


Acts 6:1-7
id: 2876

Series: The Pastor's Study, Volume 6

The Shepherd Who Prays

Voddie Baucham teaches from Paul’s final letter to Timothy (2 Timothy 1) where he opens his heart up before God. Voddie encourages preachers to not only preach, but to pray. A shepherd who preaches must be a shepherd who prays, and therefore the shepherd who prays will always be a shepherd who preaches. If the preacher finds himself at a point in life where prayer is absent, it’s directly indicative of one who is moving away from dependence on God.


2 Timothy 1:3
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Series: Basics 2012

The God Who Prays

Mark Dever teaches from John 17 and guides pastors through a moving prayer prayed by Jesus. With simplicity as the guide, Dever points to four essential elements of prayer from our Savior: praying to His righteous and holy Father on behalf of Himself and those whom the Father has given, praying for protection, praying for sanctification and unity, and praying for His Father’s glory.


John 17
id: GS1044

Series: Basics 2012

Paul Shares His Heart

Here Paul reaches out to the Colossians in a heartfelt message using Colossae phraseology intended to bridge the physical distance between himself and his readers. Paul provides encouragement by conveying his struggle on his fellow Christians’ behalf and his earnest prayer for their well-being.


Colossians 2:1-5
id: 1039

Series: Alive In Christ, Volume 1

Prayer - Learning By Example

When prayers become cold, passionless, self-serving requests of God rather than God-glorifying, passionate communion WITH Him, then it is time to take a step back and re-examine the awesome character of God. In Daniel 9:1-19, we learn how to live in the realm of intimate communion with God from Daniel's example of faithful, God-honoring, daily prayer.


Daniel 9:1-19
id: 1108

The Apostle's Prayer, Part Two

The Apostle Paul encourages us to pursue knowledge that will transcend us into a life worthy of Christ. Our incentive to live knowingly should not be aligned with how it makes us feel but instead, motivated by our desire to bring glory to God. In this message, Alistair Begg outlines four marks of a life that is pleasing to Jesus – fruitful, knowledgeable, powerful and thankful.


Series: Alive In Christ, Volume 1

Conversing with God and with Men, Part One

Prayer is not an emotional experience but a duty. A devoted prayer life teaches one how to talk to God about people and how to talk to people about God. In prayer one needs to be still and listen as they come to know God. Addressing the marks of devotion of being watchful and thankful, Pastor Begg turns to the letter the Apostle Paul wrote to the Colossians instructing the church how to pray by applying one's self whole heartedly.


Colossians 4:2-6
id: 1092

Series: Alive In Christ, Volume 3

The Apostle's Prayer, Part One

We can often find our prayer life inconsistent and derailed by negative experiences or circumstances. Paul sets an example of prayer for us to emulate – a model of prayer that is stimulated, sustained and specific. God’s words, “You will know me when you spend time with me” are instruction for gaining true wisdom revealed through Jesus Christ.


Series: Alive In Christ, Volume 1

Alive In Christ, Volume 1

The challenge for today’s churches to remain rooted in the truth of the Gospel is not new. In fact, the church in Colossae during the days of the Apostle Paul was influenced by many worldly falsehoods, including superstition, mythology and even simple error in doctrinal translation. In his letter to the Colossians, Paul imposes two key messages which are as applicable today as they were then. First, he re-confirms that all things were created and hold together through Jesus Christ and that we must walk with Him and hold steadfast to our faith in His saving power. Paul then provides ... More 

Colossians 1:1-2:10
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