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We Thank You, Lord

By nature we are inclined to complain rather than to praise God. How can we learn to thank God, even when life brings unexpected hardships? Alistair Begg makes it clear that our compulsion to be thankful is rooted in truly knowing the character of God. When we understand that God is in control of all things and that He is gracious and faithful to us, we will begin to sing His praise all day long.


Psalms 145:1-21
id: 1167

Christmas Eve Service

In a culture that is indifferent to the true meaning of Christmas, it is easy to seek comfort and fulfillment in anything but Christ. Alistair Begg reminds us that no matter how badly we’ve lived our lives, or how apathetic we’ve been to toward Christ, we can still put our faith and trust in Jesus.


id: 1165

A Matter of Life or Death

John’s Gospel confronts each of us with the question, “Am I a true believer of the Lord Jesus Christ?” Alistair Begg contrasts the blessings of belief in Christ, which brings life, against the reality of rejecting Him, which brings God’s wrath. True faith must involve both an assent to knowledge and a display of trust, and we cannot remain neutral to the claims of Christianity.


John 3:31-36
id: 1162

The Purpose of Advent

What is Christmas really about? What is the cause for all the celebrations? Alistair Begg explains that Advent is more than just “the most wonderful time of the year.” Jesus Christ was born to take away our sins, to destroy the works of the devil, to make the Father known, and to prepare for His own return.


1 John 3:1
id: 1163

The Role of Women in Church, Part Two

Men and women have equal standing before God, but that does not negate the necessity for role distinctions. God has designated men to be leaders in the Church and, as Alistair Begg explains, a woman who recognizes that she belongs to God will stand out amidst today’s confused culture as she fully embraces her God-established role.


id: 1161

Series: Authority in the Church

Principles of Christian Ministry

Effective Christian ministry comes from God, as does any success that may accompany one’s labors. Alistair Begg reminds us that no amount of education can make a man a true minister of the Gospel - it is a work that only God can do. In whatever capacity we serve, everyone involved in ministry must acknowledge as John the Baptist did that “He must become greater, and I must become less.”


John 3:22-30
id: 1160

The Role of Women in Church, Part One

In today’s ever-changing culture, there is confusion and a lack of conviction concerning the role of women in the local church. Even though the Bible speaks plainly, some tend to doubt the authority of God’s Word on this subject. Alistair Begg reminds us that Scripture is always relevant, must always be trusted, and should be our ultimate source of truth.


Series: Authority in the Church

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