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A Sacred Responsibility

Like the prophet Jeremiah, Paul was called to preach the Gospel. Preaching was fashioned into the fabric of his being; he could do nothing else. His obligation to preach was not forced but came naturally and was without expectation of reward. Anyone considering full-time ministry is encouraged to look to Paul to gauge his own motivation.

Series: Firm Foundation, Volume 3

A Lesson in Adaptability

In every decision, Paul considered the degree to which it helped him win the lost. He was prepared to adjust his habits, change his preferences, and modify his lifestyle to be all things to all men. As Christians, we must be careful not to assume a “we four and no more” attitude that inhibits our desire to go outside our comfort zone and cross the cultural gap for the sake of the lost.

Series: Firm Foundation, Volume 3

Running to Win

Paul often used illustrations that resonated with the people of his day. Athletics was an important aspect of first century Corinthian culture; it required discipline and training from a very young age. Similarly, our spiritual progress requires discipline, training, and effort. Victory depends on the refusal to allow our eyes to wonder, our minds to settle, and our affections to run after things that draw us away from Christ. In looking to the love of Christ, we are compelled to run.

Series: Firm Foundation, Volume 3

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