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God's Indescribable Gift

At Christmastime, all kinds of gifts come to mind – some are just what we want, some are practical, and some are necessities. Alistair Begg turns our attention to Scripture to see a gift that is unlike any other, one that God has given freely at His own expense. God's gift to us in Christ is great beyond description, and when we acknowledge our sin we find that it is exactly what we need.


The Age of the Spirit

Many people claim to be Christians, but what does it really mean to live as a follower of Jesus Christ today? Do we even come close to the belief and behavior described in the Bible? Hear what it means to truly live in the age of the Spirit and learn how you can have a practical and useful faith in the 21st Century.


Series: Encore 2011

The Man Who is God

Birth signifies the start of life, but in the opening verses of the Gospel of John we're introduced to the fact that in Jesus, God is made flesh. But if God has always existed, what does this say about Jesus? Learn what this means, and why it matters as we discover the "Man who is God".


John 1:1-14
id: 0578

God Has Spoken

The Christmas season offers more than hollow sentiment: the incarnation of Jesus is the culmination of God's revelation of Himself. Join us as we learn from Hebrews 1:1-6 that the story of Christmas is the story of a Jesus worth believing in.


Hebrews 1:1-4
id: 2775

A Mysterious Miracle

"Will God really dwell on earth with men?" In Christ, God answered Solomon's question with a resounding yes. The incarnation is neither irrelevant nor so far removed from us that ordinary Christians can ignore it. It is foundational. Join us in looking at this wonderful truth in light of God's relationship with His people throughout scripture.


John 1:14
id: 2774

No Separation

As we conclude our studies in Romans 8, we see that the great truths of the gospel persuaded Paul that his confidence was all in Christ. Christians are "more than conquerors" because Christ, who is sovereign over all, triumphed on the cross and loves us with an everlasting love.


Romans 8:37-39
id: 2773

Series: Life In The Spirit

Case Closed!

"Case closed." Satan, our enemies, and our own consciences may raise our sins against us. But no accusation can stand against those who are in Christ because He has made a full and wonderful atonement for our sins, and payment for them cannot be required again. The Christian's confidence is in our victorious, living Savior.


Romans 8:33-36
id: 2772

Series: Life In The Spirit

The Christ of History

The focal point of history and eternity is not in the movement of great armies or nations or in the decisions of lawmakers or celebrities, but in the person and work of Jesus Christ. In this study we learn how Jesus fulfills and defines the role of prophet, priest and king.


Mark 1:15
id: 0151

Here is Your God!

If you travel to India, you’ll encounter a culture that is governed by the worship of hundreds of deities. Western society is no different, although our gods and idols tend to be much more subtle. But what are these gods and idols? Are they real? How do they measure up to the God of the Bible?

Any agent of the treasury knows that the best way to identify a counterfeit is to study the real thing. The same is true with God: we can identify false gods best by studying and knowing the one true God. In this ... More 

id: 26101
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