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Getting the Holy Spirit in Focus, Part Two

What is the relationship of the Holy Spirit to the Christian? "The Holy Spirit is the gift of the Father and the Son to the believer to live within him, giving him spiritual life, assuring him of sonship, and communicating to him the benefits of the gospel." This quote, by Derek Prime, serves as the outline for this helpful, encouraging sermon.


John 16:5-16
id: 1016

Do You Love the Lord Jesus?

Jesus asked Peter three times “Do you love me?” Today before we can answer the question, we must understand the definition of loving Jesus. Believing in God or being religious does not make one a Christian. So how do we know if we truly love Jesus? Jesus provides a self- examination into our hearts based on personal relationship and obedience to our Saviors commands. Do you love the Lord Jesus?


John 14:15-26
id: 1015

Getting the Holy Spirit in Focus, Part One

Who is the Holy Spirit? The Bible provides clear teaching about his nature and his work that will keep us from confusion. As a unique person who is fully God - and as the ultimate source of life and truth - he deserves our trust and our worship.


John 16:5-16
id: 1014

Add to Your Faith

Peter details vital expectations of a Christian upon acceptance of Jesus Christ and the entering into God's family. As Christians we are to possess an increasing measure of faith, goodness and knowledge. Progress in these areas are essential as we stand on the promises of God and look forward to the prospect of heaven.


2 Peter 1:3-11
id: 1017

Facing the Future with God

Predictions by man in regards to the future may cause increased worrying and tension throughout the world. But what does the Bible say about the future? God has promised to those who believe that He will not forsake them. As a follower of Christ, our assurance that a promised made will be a promise kept is founded on the character of the one who made the promise. God will never change and by standing on God's promise we should not fear nor be dismayed.


Isaiah 41:1-10
id: 1013

Getting the Holy Spirit in Focus, Part Three

Jesus told His disciples that after He departed another would come - the Holy Spirit, also known as the Wonderful Counselor. Providing instruction to bow to scripture's authority and not man's, reveals that the Holy Spirit is the sole source in converting the non-believer. Being theologically accurate is of no assistance if the Holy Spirit does not live inside us. By revealing the hidden truths to each of us, the Holy Spirit teaches trust and love in Jesus Christ.


A New Year Resolution

Many commit to a New Years resolution of giving up something only to become frustrated when their effort to change is abandoned. As a Christian, has your fire for Jesus become cold? Or are you still hungry for Christ, desiring to be changed by knowing Him personally while experiencing His power and passion? Paul understood that his longing to truly know Jesus meant he had to give up what he could not keep, to keep what he could not lose.


Preaching the Gospel from Ruth

Whether preaching from the Old Testament or an epistle or directly from a Gospel, the Scripture itself should determine the way in which a sermon unfolds. Pointing to the book of Ruth, Alistair explains the importance of immersing oneself in the details of the story; the sights, the sounds and the emotion, and warns against overlooking the pieces that hint at something more. There is, in the narrative of Ruth, a question that presses readers to make a choice about their relationship with God.


Ruth 1
id: 0159

Series: Preaching the Gospel

Faith That is Taught

Many times, due to our pride, we mistakenly believe we can handle every problem that arises on our own without faith. What does it mean to “trust in the Lord with all your heart”? God teaches us that faith is taught and we need to stand, look, wait and listen. Providing a valuable lesson for us all, Habakkuk turns from his human abilities to God for answers.


Habakkuk 2:1-20
id: 1009
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