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How can I contact Truth For Life?

You may contact Truth For Life via email, postal mail, or telephone. For a listing of all contact information, please visit the Contact Us Page.

Does Truth For Life have a recommended reading list?

Yes. You can view suggested readings in our resource center.

How do I download mp3 files on my iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad?

[New update: 10/30/12 - Here's a helpful article outline some of the more popular mobile/table RSS readers:] In order to download mp3 files to your iPhone please try the following options:

1. Download one of the following apps:
--SaveAll (has a free "steel" version)

2. Either app should allow downloading of MP3 files directly to your tablet, and then also allow playback through those packages. Note that there are no apps of which we are currently aware, that will allow you to download MP3 files and import them directly into the iPad "itunes" player. Apple doesn't seem to allow that.