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Life Assurance, Volume 1

This ancient letter tackles an issue which is compelling in its relevance to the contemporary church. Namely, the seduction of Christianity. False teachers were amalgamating Christian truth with secular philosophy. The result was a diluted message which was leading many astray. John writes with a clarity and certainty which confronts the confusion and vagueness of his day.

Why Study 1 John?

1 John 1:1
id: 1455

Series: Life Assurance, Volume 1

The Purpose of Advent

What is Christmas really about? What is the cause for all the celebrations? Alistair Begg explains that Advent is more than just “the most wonderful time of the year.” Jesus Christ was born to take away our sins, to destroy the works of the devil, to make the Father known, and to prepare for His own return.

1 John 3:1
id: 1163

What if…