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Man Overboard

What is spiritual "backsliding" and how does it occur? The challenge for Jonah was that while he knew and understood the clear direction of God for his life, his response was, "I have a better plan." As a result, Jonah learned some hard lessons which are instructive for us today, as well. Join Alistair this month as he shows us how our gracious God restores His wandering people.

Jonah 1:1-4:11
id: 13201

The Man Who Said No

In the book of Jonah, we are introduced to a fantastic historical story. The prophet Jonah heard God instruct him to “Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city.” Rather than listening to God’s instruction though, Jonah ran in the other direction. Can one man’s "no" circumvent the eternal plan of God? Join Alistair Begg in this study of God’s concern for all mankind and the reluctance of God to leave a servant in dejection and misery brought about by his disobedience.

Jonah 1:1
id: 2170

Series: Man Overboard

Man Overboard

In the continuing story of Jonah, Alistair Begg explores the vantage point of the characters in an epic storm. The narrative teaches us that rebellion against God is wrong, and often takes others down with us. Death is the just penalty for disobedience, but God is able to rescue us from death. His grace is sufficient to save us from even the most atrocious sins.

Jonah 1:4
id: 2171

Series: Man Overboard

Salvation Comes From the Lord

The second chapter of Jonah records Jonah’s cry of distress in the midst of a storm. He called out to the Lord, and the Lord graciously answered. Including a brief discourse on prayer, Alistair Begg considers the consequences of those separated from God and God’s great provision of salvation and rescue.

Jonah 2:1-10
id: 2172

Series: Man Overboard

The Obedient Prophet

God is the God of second chances and for the second time, Jonah was commissioned by God to go to Nineveh with a warning about the city’s wickedness, and the judgment yet to come. This time, Jonah obediently went to Nineveh delivering the warning with a personal testimony about God’s willingness and ability to save. Remarkably, the Ninevites responded quickly by turning and repenting of their ways. God gave the city a second chance and leaves us with the question, does God change his mind?

Jonah 3:1-10
id: 2173

Series: Man Overboard

The God of the Second Chance

Jonah was a man running from the Lord, which resulted in desperate consequences. Despite Jonah’s blatant rebellion, God was not content to leave him in such dire circumstances, but chose to restore him so he could complete the task he had been called to do. In this message, Alistair Begg assures us that God continues to be the God of second chances, ever-ready to redeem the repentant and restore them to useful service.

Jonah 3:1-2
id: 1152

The Sulking Servant

Despite the fact that Jonah had recently been the recipient of God’s compassion, he found fault and became angry with God for displaying the very same mercy to those whom he felt didn’t deserve it. God responded by posing the question to Jonah, “Do you have a right to be angry?” Listen as Alistair Begg teaches on the sovereignty of divine grace.

Jonah 4:1-11
id: 2176

Series: Man Overboard

Amazing Grace

In this concluding message of the Jonah series, we discover that God was continuing to work with his servant according to the purpose of his will. Whether it was providing a gigantic fish or a small worm, He was at work directing everything to its appointed end. Alistair Begg teaches us that just as Jonah was distracted by the vine and the worm, we should ask ourselves, “Is there anything in my life that concerns me more than seeing unbelieving people become the committed followers of Jesus Christ?”

Jonah 4:1-11
id: 2177

Series: Man Overboard

What if…