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Right with God, Volume 2

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ID: 14802 • July 1, 2007

The book of Galatians provides rich material for study on the subject of Christian freedom. Warning against false teachers who attempted to pervert the one true Gospel, Paul confirmed the authority of Scripture and salvation through grace by faith in the finished work of Jesus on the cross. We have been granted access to God in Christ, and are called to live according to that freedom.

In Volume 2, Alistair Begg teaches on the essentials of Christianity as presented by the Apostle Paul. When we recognize Christ as our only hope of salvation, we become a new creation in Him and are free to live accordingly. Transformed by the power of the Gospel, although not free from conflict and trials, our lives will reflect the work God is doing in us as individual believers and as members of the Body of Christ.

Sermons in this Series
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Sowing and Reaping — Part Two

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