The Lion Has Roared
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The Lion Has Roared

From Series: The Lion’s Roar

Amos 3:1-8  (ID: 1357)

Amos proclaimed God’s message at a time that was marked by material prosperity, moral perversity, and spiritual complacency. In this context, he warned God’s people that the Sovereign Lord would not be mocked and that His patience was running out. Alistair Begg echoes Amos’ warning to today’s Church, noting that God does not make idle threats and He will not tolerate spoiled children. We must urgently seek reconciliation with Him while there is still time.

Israel's Guilt and Punishment

1Hear this word that the Lord has spoken against you, O people of Israel, against the whole family that I brought up out of the land of Egypt:

2“You only have I known

of all the families of the earth;

therefore I will punish you

for all your iniquities.

3“Do two walk together,

unless they have agreed to meet?

4Does a lion roar in the forest,

when he has no prey?

Does a young lion cry out from his den,

if he has taken nothing?

5Does a bird fall in a snare on the earth,

when there is no trap for it?

Does a snare spring up from the ground,

when it has taken nothing?

6Is a trumpet blown in a city,

and the people are not afraid?

Does disaster come to a city,

unless the Lord has done it?

7“For the Lord God does nothing

without revealing his secret

to his servants the prophets.

8The lion has roared;

who will not fear?

The Lord God has spoken;

who can but prophesy?”

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Alistair Begg
Alistair Begg is Senior Pastor at Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Bible teacher on Truth For Life, which is heard on the radio and online around the world.