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The Lion Has Roared

The Lion Has Roared

Amos proclaimed God’s message at a time that was marked by material prosperity, moral perversity, and spiritual complacency. In this context, he warned God’s people that the Sovereign Lord would not be mocked and that His patience was running out. Alistair Begg echoes Amos’ warning to today’s Church, noting that God does not make idle threats and He will not tolerate spoiled children. We must urgently seek reconciliation with Him while there is still time.

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The Lion's Roar

Amos was not a learned man, but a shepherd from a small town. He was not an innovator; he simply reminded people of facts they already knew. The only remarkable thing about Amos was how unremarkable he was. It was a time of prosperity, corruption, and compromise. God’s people played at religion and toyed with sin. God used Amos to remind His people that religious profession was meaningless unless accompanied by obedience, holiness, and wholehearted worship. He warned them that while God was merciful, He was running out of patience.

In this series, Alistair Begg explains why the prophetic words of Amos remain relevant to today’s Church, which often focuses on religious experiences while denying the truths of biblical doctrine and reduces biblical imperatives to personal options. Like Amos, Alistair urges us to align our worship and lifestyles with the truth of Scripture and renew our relationship with God today, knowing that His judgment is imminent.