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Anxiety, Knowing God's Peace & Impossible Commands

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Anxiety, Knowing God's Peace & Impossible Commands
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Softcover, 101 and 189 pages
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Anxiety, Knowing God's Peace: Whether you’ve experienced nagging worry or debilitating panic, God’s Word offers—in the words of the Proverbs—"a kind word” that cheers our anxious hearts. In Anxiety: Knowing God’s Peace, pastor and biblical counselor Paul Tautges leads us into the Bible and helps us move beyond the worries that overwhelm us.

Anxiety: Knowing God’s Peace offers thirty-one daily readings that combine Scripture, a brief devotion, and reflection questions that bring the Bible to bear on our lives. Tautges helps us to get to root cause of anxiety—fear—and beyond it, to the loving Savior who stands ready to bear our burdens.

Impossible Commands: Do you ever feel like obeying God’s commands is an impossible task?

In Impossible Commands, Jonty Allcock reminds us that freedom comes from acknowledging our inability to obey God’s commands. Doing this allows us to shift from personal effort to relying on God’s power to fuel our obedience.

In eleven easy-to-read chapters, Allcock fills out the Bible’s vision of a life where obeying God is the source of deep and satisfying joy, rather than a burden. He helps us see God’s commands not simply as rules, but as part of the good life that He has for us.

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