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Crossing the Barriers Study Guide Multi-Pack (10)

Crossing the Barriers Study Guide Multi-Pack (10)
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Evangelism. The word alone produces a tightness in the stomach and anguish in the hearts of many Christians. Does this nerve-jangling word produce that type of fear in you? That may be one of the barriers that hinders you from sharing the Good News of Christ. Does the Bible call us to brazenly accost people in the streets with the demands of the gospel, and do we somehow think we will be able to coerce the unbeliever into believing the "Good News?"Crossing the Barriers will not only equip you to understand what evangelism truly is, but enable you to make sure your message and motives are correct; and to effectively cross the barriers that keep us from presenting Christ and that prevent others from believing the message. This multi-pack of 10 study guides is intended to be used in conjunction with the Crossing the Barriers sermon series with a small group.

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