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Facing a Task Unfinished & Gentle and Lowly

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Facing a Task Unfinished & Gentle and Lowly
Paperback and Hardback, 208 pages and 224 pages
pdf, mobi, & epub versions included

Facing a Task Unfinished: Cultivating Personal Evangelism Week by Week is written to motivate us and to spur our passion for taking this work more seriously.

This easy-to-use devotional presents 52 short meditations, one for each week of the year, presented to strengthen our commitment to pray for, reach out to, and pray with those who live outside of the saving power of the cross.

By reading just a few pages each week, you’ll be directed to think about the fields right in your own neighborhood, school district, workplace, and community that are ripe for the harvest. With each weekly meditation, you’ll be encouraged to consider those you come in contact with regularly who are empty, lost, and heading for an eternity without Christ.

In Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers, author Dane Ortlund will lead you into the very heart of God incarnate and show you the immensity of Jesus’ tender love for sinners.

Gentle and Lowly moves us beyond our human understanding of forgiveness by helping us grasp the wellspring of mercy that eagerly awaits us when we come to Jesus in all our brokenness and with all our shortcomings.

This new release interweaves insights from Puritan authors—including Jonathan Edwards, Thomas Goodwin, John Bunyan, and Richard Sibbes—along with other historical theologians, so that we can learn more about the saving power of the cross from the Puritans, who knew the forgiving heart of Jesus well.

Gentle and Lowly overturns any notions that Jesus grows weary of our weaknesses and failures and instead affirms that Christ came to heal and forgive. His reservoir of mercy and grace is limitless.

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