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How the Bible Can Change Your Life & George Whitefield

How the Bible Can Change Your Life & George Whitefield
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How the Bible Can Change Your Life: “Why should I read the Bible?” Have you ever been asked that question? Have you ever asked that question? Doubted, attacked, and even dismissed as irrelevant, God’s Word faces all sorts of scrutiny.

As Christians, we affirm that God speaks to us through His inspired Word, and our day-to-day interactions with friends and co-workers often present natural opportunities to stand up for the truth of the Bible. Even though we consider ourselves “Bible people,” knowing how to respond to sincere questions about the nature of Scripture can be a challenge—especially if we aren’t in the habit of opening God’s Word for ourselves.

Following on from How Church Can Change Your Life, Josh Moody tackles the next great challenge for contemporary Christians: faith in and practice of the Bible. Answering 10 of the most common questions about the Bible’s authority, relevance, and more, How the Bible Can Change Your Life delivers an important reminder to every believer: God’s Word is powerful, and the practice of engaging with it grows our faith.

George Whitefield: God's accomplishments through George Whitefield are to this day virtually unparalleled. In an era when many ministers were timid and apologetic in their preaching, he preached the Gospel with zeal and undaunted courage. In the wake of his fearless preaching, revival swept across the British Isles, and the Great Awakening transformed the American colonies.

The previous two-volume work George Whitefield: The Life and Times of the Great Evangelist of the Eighteenth-Century Revival is now condensed into this single volume, filled with primary-source quotations from the eighteenth century, not only from Whitefield but also from prominent figures such as John and Charles Wesley, Benjamin Franklin, and William Cowper.

This biography of George Whitefield accurately portrays the tireless work done by a humble, un-ordained Englishman to spread the Good News to both the aristocracy and common folk. Learn about one servant’s efforts, desires, failures, and faith, and prepare to be inspired, encouraged, and maybe even challenged in your own journey to live a life consecrated to God.

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