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None Else is a 31-day devotional that provides a full month’s worth of daily readings on God’s character and attributes “so that your mind will be transformed, your affections kindled, and your faith nourished by His grace.” Deepen your relationship with God each day as you focus on one aspect of His nature.

Each daily reading begins with a Scripture passage and prayer. Next, you’ll be guided through a brief study of the biblical, historical, and theological background of the attribute of the day—including how it relates to the Gospel. Wrap up your meditation with questions that prompt you to reflect on how the truth of God’s character impacts your daily life. There’s even a final section in each chapter that provides additional Scripture references, quotations, and other resources to help you dig deeper into a particular aspect of the day’s study.

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Larry D R. September 2, 2021

All I can say is WOW. Beeke & Cosby have done a masterful job with this important and foundational work. The Holy Spirit will use this to shine more light on the majesty and holiness of God!

Brian C. November 2, 2021

This devotional is great! I highly recommend it. After learning the attributes of God from A.W Pink, this book gives a daily reference to understanding more. It’s worth reading every day and every month.

Cyndi C. November 15, 2021

I takes at least 2 days for me on each attribute…but is so rich in blessing! I love having questions and room to respond in writing. I feel as if I have had time to allow God to reveal Himself little by little and then ask questions to discern whether I have understood/gotten to know Him! I will seek copies for friends!