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The Christian in Complete Armour (Three Volume Set)

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The Christian in Complete Armour (Three Volume Set)

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Truth For Life is thrilled to bring you an abridged version of The Christian in Complete Armour, featuring updated language for easier reading.

One of the most significant spiritual works penned in the English Puritan era, The Christian in Complete Armour has encouraged believers for centuries to suit up for battle against the Evil One.

In this renown best seller, author William Gurnall expounds on the apostle Paul’s warning in Ephesians 6 that believers are in a lifelong spiritual war requiring special armament from God.

This classic comes to you in a three-volume set at the exceptionally low price of only $10, thanks to your fellow listeners called Truthpartners, whose faithful giving has offset the majority of your purchase price today.

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Paula K. July 9, 2021

As a young Christian I heard David Jeremiah reference these books and was intrigued enough to buy them. It took me three years to read them but, OH what a blessing they were as I grew in Christ. They remain a "go to" reference guide to keep me aware of what power we have against the enemy of our souls. Written when no one felt obliged to pull punches. William Gurnall certainly tells it like it is! Powerful and thought changing. I HIGHLY recommend!