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Who Am I? (Audiobook)

Who Am I? (Audiobook)
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Audio Book on CD by Jerry Bridges | Narrated by Alistair Begg

As Christians, our identity is to be found in our relationship with Christ, not in our
subjective and often negative life experiences. Author Jerry Bridges examines the question,
“Who am I in Christ?” from eight different perspectives in this new audio book narrated by
Alistair Begg. We are creatures created by God, in God’s own image. As proclaimed sinners,
we accept Christ as our representative before God, are justified through Him, and in Him
are granted the inheritance of life as an adopted children of God. What God has done for
us through His Son makes us a new creation. Our union with Christ imparts upon us a new
way to live. Who Am I? – Identity in Christ succinctly frames our identity as Christians.

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