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Little Pilgrim's Big Journey Part II & 7 Reasons to (re)consider Christianity

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Little Pilgrim's Big Journey Part II & 7 Reasons to (re)consider Christianity

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Little Pilgrim II: In this adaptation of John Bunyan's sequel to the classic book Pilgrim's Progress, the main character Christiana and her brothers set off in search of the eternal city. School-age children will not only be captivated by this exciting allegory but will learn about the importance of trusting God through life's challenges and difficulties.

This colorfully illustrated, hardcover book teaches young children about the perseverance that marks the Christian life. Your children, grandchildren, or Sunday school students will look forward to each adventurous chapter and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to trust in God's faithfulness.

7 Reasons: This easy-to-read book addresses common arguments against biblical truth and gives well-reasoned but simple responses to each one. With tangible examples, the author explains that the Bible is scientifically credible and that secular, historical documents affirm biblical accounts. 7 Reasons makes a compelling case for why Jesus is arguably the most influential person in history and why Scripture is to be believed with certainty. This is a great book to give to a curious, unbelieving friend.

format: Hardback (232 pages) and Softcover (145 pages)
sku: 32743