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Read This First & God Is

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More than 40 authors wrote the Bible over 2,000 years. It's more like a library of books than a single volume. The various books represent different genres, were written to different audiences and were penned with different purposes. Read This First is a brief, easy-to-read handbook with dozens of tips and strategies for identifying the style and context of Scripture passages to enhance understanding. Perfect for giving to people new to the Bible and insightful for longtime students of the Bible, as well.

Alistair Begg:
I recently provided new believers with study Bibles filled with notes, maps, quotes, and explanations. Instead of finding it helpful, they were bewildered. If only I could have given them a copy of this excellent book. From now on I will definitely recommend that they read this first.

God Is unpacks twenty-six unique attributes of God. Each characteristic is explored in daily readings that are five to six pages in length. These accessible devotionals examine a specific aspect of God's nature, how the attribute is perfectly revealed in Christ, and how the characteristic applies to our daily lives.

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