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Stories of Jesus & The Christian Manifesto

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Stories of Jesus & The Christian Manifesto

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Stories of Jesus: This delightful collection of twenty-one foundational stories from the New Testament teaches young children ages three to six about Jesus and how He fulfills the promises God made to His people.

The stories begin with Mary’s angelic visit and then proceed sequentially through the earthly life of Jesus from His birth to His ascension. Children will learn about Jesus’ baptism, how He called His disciples, and the miracles He performed, including how He healed a lame man, calmed a storm, and raised a young girl from the dead. Stories of Jesus also teaches the Lord’s Prayer, the reason for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, and what His resurrection means for all of us. This is book introduces the most important truths: that Jesus is God, that He’s a friend who takes away sin, and that He is the King of heaven.

Each story is four to five pages long. Select pages include color-coordinated markers that show which events mark God making a promise and which events mark God keeping one.

The Christian Manifesto unpacks Jesus’ iconic, landmark sermon in Luke 6 known as the Sermon on the Plain. In this well-known section of Scripture, Jesus explains that the hallmarks and priorities of Christ’s kingdom are vastly different from the world’s, so its citizens will be vastly different too.

Alistair helpfully navigates us through the challenging instruction Jesus gives about forgiveness, integrity, obedience, and blessedness that turns our value system upside down! And he explains how to interpret the words “Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh,” or “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.”

The Christian Manifesto reminds all of us that Jesus’ teaching was, and still is, radical and often in contrast to human intuition.

"A manifesto is a public declaration or proclamation issued by a monarch or head of state, or by a representative of a company or organization. Here is a manifesto for the Christian life, straight from the lips of Jesus, as he gathered both his followers and those who were thinking about becoming his followers on “a level place”—on a plain—and taught them one of his most famous sermons, found in Luke’s Gospel and known as the 'Sermon on the Plain.' It is a manifesto that is not oriented towards the political arena, but towards the relational and individual one." —Alistair Begg

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