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The Unseen God, Volume 1

The Unseen God, Volume 1
DVD Series

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Though God is never mentioned in the book of Esther, this series by Alistair Begg helps us discover that while unseen, God is sovereignly directing the intricate events of this historic drama. The unlikely selection of a young Jewish girl to become Queen of Persia and gain influence with a powerful king is one of many improbable turns in a story that now, over 2,000 years later, is still memorialized by the Jewish people.

In Volume 1 of The Unseen God we meet Esther, her uncle Mordecai, and King Ahasuerus. We rejoice with her as she is crowned queen and watch her trust God when her people faced great danger.

The book of Esther teaches us that God is at work in the details. He directs the actions of every person for His greater purpose. This study challenges us to trust in God’s guiding hand over the smallest of details in our everyday lives and to rest safely in His Providence. For the Unseen God, no circumstance is too insignificant to go unnoticed and no situation is beyond His sovereign power.

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