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Get It Right, Volume 1

Get It Right, Volume 1
MP3 CD Series
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Enduring opposition from a church marked by moral and doctrinal confusion, Titus is tasked by the Apostle Paul to select elders for the churches under his care and to provide leadership to those under his influence. In this study in the book of Titus, Alistair Begg takes us through Paul’s instruction and helps us discern that the guidelines for godly living are as relevant now as they were in the first century.

Elders must be able to teach the truth so that followers understand sound doctrine and can distinguish counterfeits in their midst. Older generation men and women are responsible for teaching young men and women moral purity, self-discipline and family values and responsibilities. Believers are called to live an exceptional life of obedience and humble service, reflecting the character of Christ to the surrounding culture. Love and devotion to Christ should be reflected in the way we go about our tasks, no matter our role in life.

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