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Preaching for God's Glory

Preaching for God's Glory

Recognizing the need for a return to Biblical preaching Alistair Begg has written this compelling booklet. In it he not only defines Biblical preaching but tells how to accomplish it, explains its distinctive characteristics, and demonstrates its importance in the life of a church. Every Christian—pastor or not—is responsible to study the Scriptures and to learn to handle the Word correctly. This booklet aids in discerning how well one’s church is doing in this area and offers suggestions for ensuring that the entire Body of Christ is being not only fed, but spiritually nourished.

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Five Years of Favorites

Five Years of Favorites

The most frequently requested messages by Alistair Begg from 2010-2015 have been consolidated in this inspiring collection of Bible teaching that covers a wide variety of texts and topics. In this rich compilation of over 40 hours of Scripture-based instruction, Alistair Begg unpacks what the Bible says about many of today’s most pressing life issues. How to find peace in times of fear and anxiety, gaining comfort in the face of death and dying, understanding the marks of genuine friendship, and discovering how to teach our children what is right and true are just a few of the diverse ...

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