At Truth For Life, we proclaim the Gospel every day of the year so that God's Spirit can open blind eyes and soften hard hearts to the truth—that all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ will find eternal life in Him.

This is the miracle of

believers to be established
  • George's Story

    George, UK

    I'm sure it takes a lot of money and effort for one lost soul to be called to turn from sin and run into God's arms, but even if I'm the only one, I hope you consider it worth it.

  • Brandon's Story

    Brandon, Saint Louis

    I recently signed up for your free copy of the story of Joseph on a USB. I’ve been yearning for a connection with God. Today I confessed my selfishness, my ignorance and arrogance to the Lord. Know that you have changed my life!

  • Ray's Story

    Ray, Illinois

    I am enjoying and learning from your book, Pathway to Freedom. I'm in jail so I have a lot of free time on my hands. I need to learn all I can about God's rules for while I am here so any more books and things to help me grow would be a joy for me in my time I have to spend here.

  • Essence's Story


    I came to Christ last year through Pastor Begg's teaching. I have been given the best gift one could hope for!