At Truth For Life, we teach the Bible verse by verse, directly from Scripture, so that all who listen may grow in their faith and look to the transforming power of God to change them into the likeness of Jesus.

This is what it means for

believers to be established
  • Marsha's Story

    Marsha, Ohio

    Truth For Life has been a vital part of helping me grow closer to my Lord. It has directed my thoughts when I felt helpless and rejected. It has given me direction when I didn't know what to do. When I couldn't sleep, I listened and felt refreshed and peace came from the Lord through His Word. Thank you for being a part of my life and my relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Marc-André's Story

    Marc-André, Québec

    Your teaching helps me face my daily struggles and brings me back to the essence of the Truth of God every day I listen.

  • Abigails's Story

    Abigail, Missouri

    God has used your daily broadcasts to be a source of encouragement to me on the way to school. I go to a state school with a lot of lost individuals. God's work through this radio station helps me to stand strong and hopefully to be a light on campus.

  • Karen's Story

    Karen, South Wales, UK

    Truth For Life has helped me understand and grow in my Christian life. I can't count the times that I've had "AHA" moments. Wonderful!! May this ministry continue to grow and bring the word to the four corners of the earth!