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How do we teach truth in a world of untruths?

For many of our friends and co-workers, discerning truth in a culture of blurred reality isn’t easy. Many wonder, What’s my purpose? Is there a point to life? What happens when I die?

The good news is, we can point them to the answers!

All we need to know about life and death God gives us in the Bible.

At Truth For Life, we seek to teach God’s Word with clarity, courage, conviction, and compassion so that those searching will find, and those who already believe will be strengthened.

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"The teaching of Truth For Life always encourages and challenges me to live worthy of the calling of our Lord Jesus. Occasionally, the timing of the programming has spoken directly to a personal struggle I was experiencing that day. In this way, I know the Holy Spirit is directing my listening, which makes it all the more powerful, convicting, and encouraging."

 Nancy Truthpartner