Life In The Spirit

added August 24, 2011
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scripture Romans 8
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Life In The Spirit
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“What now?” That’s a fair question not only for those who are beginning their walk with Christ, but for Christians at any point along the way. As we struggle with sin, endure persecution, and confront suffering, we may wonder how all of these things fit into God’s plan of salvation. We may even wonder how - or if - God is still at work.

In this series of sermons from Romans 8 by Alistair Begg, we are reminded that God’s Spirit empowers the Christian life from beginning to end as the persevering love of God holds those who belong to him in Christ. The Spirit enables the child of God to live a new life in submission to God’s law and to mortify the fleshly desires of the old life. He also sustains the believer in suffering and intercedes for us in weakness.

This great chapter grounds believers in the gospel reality that God is for us in every aspect of the Christian life, ensuring that, in the words of Augustus Toplady, “the work which his goodness began, the arm of his strength will complete.”

12-Disc Audio Series $18.10 | 1-Disc MP3 CD $1.25

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