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If asked whether or not Jesus came to earth to bring peace, how would you answer? Many would nod in affirmation. But in reality, Jesus admits that His purpose wasn’t to create harmony. Listen as we tackle some tough questions on Truth For Life! with Alistair Begg!

Seven Questions God Asks

Many of us are familiar with the questions that individuals regularly bring to God. Yet how many of us are aware of the questions that God brings to individuals? In this series, Alistair Begg examines seven conversations that begin with one of God’s disarming questions. From Adam and Eve in the Garden to the rich young ruler in Judea, the Lord engages these individuals with striking accuracy and exposes their mistaken notions about him.

These questions are as arresting to us today and are as able to penetrate our hearts as they were two-thousand years ago. In this study, we are invited to discover the truth of God’s nature and the reality of our condition as it is revealed in these surprising encounters.

Today's Devotional

Folly of Doubt

The doom was universal. Neither rich nor poor escaped: the learned and the illiterate, the admired and the despised, the religious and the profane, the old and the young all sank in one common ruin. Some had doubtless ridiculed the ...

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Pathway to Freedom by Alistair Begg
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The landscape of contemporary society reveals signs that we neither know nor care much about the Law of God. Pathway to Freedom by Alistair Begg will challenge you to think long and hard about the significance of God’s Law.

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