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Truth For Life is an international radio and digital-based Bible-teaching ministry. Each day, a program featuring the teaching of Alistair Begg is produced and distributed widely across the United States, and in Canada, the U.K., New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Belize, the British West Indies and on satellite.  
Truth For Life teaches the truth of Scripture with uncompromising clarity and applicability to everyday life. The ministry exists to teach the Bible with clarity and relevance so that unbelievers will be converted, believers will be established and local churches will be strengthened.
A 503(C) non-profit organization, Truth For Life employees a team of skilled professionals with broad experience in digital communications, operations management, marketing, project management and audio production.
Encountering a season of exponential growth, Truth For Life is adding experienced professionals to staff and is seeking individuals to fill the following open positions:


Station Relations Coordinator (Full-Time Staff)

Truth For Life is looking for an initiative-taking, detail-oriented individual to join our Stations Relations team. This position will be responsible for the day-to-day documentation, record-keeping, and analysis of our relationships with the stations on which our program airs. The right person will have excellent organization skills, be able to create the full picture from bits and pieces of information, and loves data. This person will also be willing to step in to care for relationships with our stations as needed.

The day-to-day responsibilities of this position include maintaining our databases, producing and analyzing cost and revenue reports, and helping to put the work of this department in the context of the larger ministry. This person may also assist with some event planning as necessary.


The mission of this department is to foster and maintain strong relationships and accurate records with radio stations to utilize their distribution channels in a mutually beneficial way on and off the air in order to accomplish the mission of the organization.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Establish KPIs with a plan to monitor and act on the information routinely
  • Proactive contact to stations each month
  • Increase number of stations cover cost in year 1
  • Increase number of stations covering cost in year 5
  • Increase average number of donors attributed to stations
  • Increase average number of Truthpartners attributed to stations
  • Other outcomes as defined in conjunction with annual position planning


  • Assertiveness: knows their todo list intimately and takes initiative to ask “What’s next?” or “How can I help?" 
  • Judgment/Decision Making: Can equally consider objective facts and subjective experience/feedback to help Station Relations Manager make the best decision
  • Analysis: Analyze data and make recommendations for the terms of agreement in favor of the ministry
  • Strategic Skills: Can catch a vision for Truth For Life's radio presence and execute a plan to accomplish the vision
  • Resourcefulness: Adopts new tools and clever approaches to solve problems and overcome difficulty
  • Organization/Time Management: Strong attention to detail, maintains accurate records of media outlets and key people, contracts, budgets and financial reports. Able to establish, execute, and manage short-term and long-term projects in a fast-paced environment without sacrificing quality
  • Adaptability: Easily adjusts to new conditions on the fly and is open to change
  • Customer Focus: Orients all decisions toward radio station relationship and listener experience/ministry awareness
  • Communications, Oral and Written: Speaks and writes in a manner that is clear, professional, friendly, and sincere
  • Goal setting: Establishes specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-targeted goals
  • Tenacity: Highly persistent in striving to achieve or maintain goals/objectives, and determined to overcome obstacles
  • Teamwork: Inspires positive team culture in which individuals rally behind common goals and genuinely appreciate working with one another
  • Conflict Management: The practice of recognizing and dealing with disagreement in a rational, balanced and effective way
  • Problem solving: Able to perform quick study
  • Integrity: Consistent, honorable use of freedom
  • Passion: Driven to bring Bible teaching to listeners around the world
  • Networking: Seeks and welcomes new professional connections and enjoys building relationships

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Strong emphasis in data research and creating media reports, analyzing individual stations and big-picture media trends, as well as comparing networks, markets, etc
  • Research potential radio station development, providing recommendations for effective media placement/coverage
  • Creating, maintaining, and organizing media contracts in multiple formats/programs
  • Conducts research on potential public relations opportunities with media
  • Work with Station Relations Manager to plan listener events: assisting to create schedule for event(s), working with the station to develop promotions for event, working with Marketing Manager to develop sign-up, manage, and cultivate attendee list, shipping product, finding volunteers
  • Being "Truth For Life" when executive staff is out
  • Proficiency in all Microsoft Office programs, advanced knowledge of Excel
  • Self-motivated and initiative taking, able to receive and follow through on direction and assignments from the Station Relations Manager
  • Ability to learn systems quickly and desire to continually grow personally and professionally and improve skill sets
  • Ability to multi-task and handle a variety of projects and tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment without sacrificing quality
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills, strong copy editing and proofreading skills
  • Able and content to work independently and as part of a team
  • Must have a positive attitude and excellent interpersonal skills, be honest and team-oriented with a strong work ethic
  • Other duties as assigned

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Front-End Web Developer/Designer (Full-Time Staff)

The Front-End Developer will report to the Digital Communications Manager and take the lead in vital new web programming projects and support. The successful candidate will have experience with front-end programming and a love for beautiful design and user experience.

Outcomes and Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain a front-end web production cycle
  • Maintain and extend the responsive overhaul of current website (launching Sept 2014)
  • Take ownership of ongoing front-end updates and maintenance of current site
  • Resolve front-end or related customer experience issues within 24-48 hours of identification
  • Develop or tweak new designs and output them as quality front-end code/templates
  • Develop designs under the direction of TFL's graphic design team, supporting our voice and brand
  • Initiate and actively engage at least 3 front-end related topics of ongoing learning (books, courses)


  • Assertiveness: knows their todo list intimately and takes initiative to ask “What’s next?” or “How can I help?" 
  • Integrity: Steadfast commitment to biblical principles for living and working
  • Passion: Wholehearted dedication to the mission of Truth For Life
  • Passion: Committed to excellent user experience across all major platforms and devices
  • Experience: 3+ years with CSS/HTML/JavaScript, demonstrating a superior skill-set
  • Experience: Design experience and familiarity with Adobe suite of tools (Photoshop/Dreamweaver) or equivalent
  • Creativity: Ability to provide creative ideas and solutions at the code and interface level as well as high-level marketing and communication
  • Judgment/Decision Making: Commitment to data-driven decisions with the help of research, user-testing, and experience
  • Strategic skills: Good understanding of marketing, call-to-action, and ROI  in terms of how a page or design is developed, etc
  • Customer focus: Commitment to superior customer service and expedient customer issue resolution
  • Independent: Able to manage multiple tasks and effectively meet deadlines without being closely managed
  • Resourceful:  Readily adopts new tools and clever approaches to overcome difficulty
  • Adaptability: Easily adjusts to new conditions and welcomes challenges as opportunities
  • Team player: Willingly and reliably works in cooperation with and support of others
  • Innovative: Introduces new ideas and methods to meet new requirements or changing market demand
  • Assertiveness:  Proactively offers suggestions, opinions, and openly asks questions
  • Tenacity: Highly persistent in maintaining or seeking to meet goals/objectives, determined to overcome obstacles 

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Customer Service Manager (Full-Time Staff)

Truth For Life is seeking an individual to manage the Customer Service Team, delivering an excellent customer experience from the point of inquiry/gift/purchase through to product/communication delivery. This position is responsible for for the quality and accuracy of service, customer satisfaction, team strategy, goals and metrics, performance monitoring, and oversight of systems.


  • Design and actionable plan to optimize customer care
  • Fully integrated contact center solution implemented
  • Customer Care team professional development plan
  • Contact Center and Shipping and Fulfillment combined into a single culture of Customer Care
  • Establish Customer Care culture including philosophy, vision statement, etc
  • Oversee accurate and efficient data management/entry


  • Strategic Skills: Able to think an plan logically and creatively to accomplish team vision and goals
  • Organization/planning: Able to establish, communicate, and execute new initiatives and strategic plans
  • Goal Setting: Establishes specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-targeted goals
  • Vision: Sees potential inherent in the opportunity of service and can establish a long-term goal/vision statement to see that potential reached
  • Creativity: Thinks outside-the-box to provide an exceptional, sincere, and memorable customer experience
  • Leading edge: Has an interest in developing technology and readily and strategically uses new opportunities to serve customers
  • Resourcefulness: Adopts new and creative approaches to overcome difficulties
  • Excellence: Desire to surpass ordinary standards of service, communication, and process
  • Independence: Takes full responsibility for team success and doesn't rely on direction from others
  • Customer Focus: Orients all decisions toward customer needs, experience, and overall satisfaction
  • Coaching: Identifies areas for improvement and comfortably works with team and individuals to strengthen performance
  • Empowerment: Understands value of ongoing training, quality tools, and appropriate delegation of authority
  • Accountability: Willingly held (and holds others) accountable to service quality, accuracy, and progress toward goals
  • Team Building: Inspires positive team culture in which individuals rally behind common goals and genuinely appreciate working with one another
  • Ambition: Strong desire and determination to achieve exceptional service
  • Judgment/Decision Making: Considers objective assessment and subjective experience/feedback in decision making


  • Data/Transaction Quality
  • Communication Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Strategy
  • Systems Management
  • Goal Setting, KPIs, Performance Monitoring
  • Daily operations of Shipping & Fulfillment and Contact Center
  • Fully integrated contact center initiative
    • Email
    • Web portal
    • Twitter one-on-one (public by Marketing)
    • Facebook one-on-one (public by Marketing)
    • Feedback enabled mobile apps
    • Voice (VoIP) with call routing
    • Online Chat
    • Video Chat
    • Knowledgebase

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IT Manager (Full-Time Staff)

Truth For Life (TFL) communicates the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. This evangelistic effort is enabled by various technologies that are managed by the Information Technology Manager. As a key member of TFL, this position is responsible for all aspects of network and systems administration including servers, desktop systems, communications hardware/software, data networks and office systems/software.

Roles & Responsibilities

Database Management

  • Responsible for SQL Server Reporting Services and Database Administration duties
  • Serve as a system administrator for Studio Enterprise (Donor Studio and Studio Online); learn and understand business processes applied to all database functions. This includes integration between Donor Studio and Studio Online systems.
  • Support system users with training and documentation
  • Troubleshoot Studio Enterprise problems by reviewing error logs, testing, replicating, and reporting them to the Donor Direct Support Team. Follow-up and track outstanding issues until resolution is reached
  • Plan for and oversee application updates released by Donor Direct. Review Donor Direct release notes for monthly updates to anticipate system changes. Inform and educate staff of any significant changes to the system
  • Identify and implement best practices, system enhancements, and projects to ensure quality data management
  • Responsible for security and setup of user profiles

IT Strategy/Governance

  • Responsible for managing the relationship between TFL and third-party IT services supplier Lazorpoint who performs Real-Time Systems Monitoring and problem resolution, server and desktop systems maintenance, data backup/protection services and other contracted IT management services
  • Ensures that TFL IT systems controls meet applicable PCI Compliance requirements
  • Identifies improvement opportunities and coordinate various projects
  • Evaluates and recommends IT policy for adoption by TFL leadership Maintains and ensures that TFL users and administrators comply to IT procedures and standards Maintains and tests disaster recovery/business continuity plans and procedures
  • Manages small to medium sized projects according to pre-defined budgets and schedules

Internal Technical Support

  • Evaluate and install system upgrades and/or service packs to increase capability or functionality of a system
  • Maintain software licensing and contract renewals
  • Provide staff support for PCs, laptops, and smart phones
  • Provide staff support for business applications; troubleshoot issues and provide ongoing training for those applications, including all Microsoft Office products
  • Manage all other application specific support including communication services (e.g. live chat tool), call center software, and Endicia shipping systems
  • Manage office equipment including printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines
  • Support Telecommunications software and work with vendor to maintain hardware
  • Approve, schedule, and oversee any changes or improvements to phone system
  • Relocate extensions using the phone switch board as needed, work with phone vendors to troubleshoot problems related to equipment and phone lines
  • Performs network administration (including internet access, security management, user account management and other network admin tasks) Performs system administration (including administration of e-mail systems, web servers, database servers, office systems and applications support)

Qualifications & Requirements


Diploma in Computer Science, Management Information Systems or Business Administration; supplemented with one or more courses in current technology.


Considerable (4-6 years) and current experience as an Administrator on a medium sized network of servers, desktop systems and communications devices using current technologies.


  • Proficient with the use of SQL Server Management Studio, Query Analyzer, Profiler, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Reporting Services, SQL Business Intelligence Development Studio and or/other third party tools as needed in the management and troubleshooting of database applications that utilize the MS SQL Server platform
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Windows servers and desktop products
  • Demonstrated ability to administer a 50+ node network including firewalls
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of current communications devices and protocols, server and desktop technologies
  • Ability to organize and deliver training of basic IT concepts to users
  • Ability to negotiate hardware/software service and technical support contracts with vendors
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, activities and tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to facilitate and manage system change
  • Demonstrated highly developed verbal and written communications
  • Experience with .net programming a plus


  • Evening and weekends work is required on occasion with little or no advanced notice
  • Limited travel is required

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