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Jesus Condemned to Death, Part One

At His trial by the religious leaders in Mark 14, Jesus appeared to be a helpless victim and His ministry seemed to be over. But appearances can be deceiving: Even as He went through weakness and tragedy, He was fulfilling prophecy and bringing His redemption plan to completion.

Mark 14:53-65
sku: 2932CD

Series: The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 7

He Shall Reign Forever

When you hear the phrase "the Kingdom of God," you likely think of Jesus' teachings during His earthly ministry. In our final study in Isaiah 9, we learn that this Kingdom was prophesied long before our Savior's birth at Bethlehem. And unlike earthly kingdoms, His government and authority will never end.

Light in the Darkness

When we face darkness - both in the world around us and within our own hearts - where do we turn for relief? The tendency to rely on sinful substitutes is just as common today as it was in Isaiah's time. Only the Light that God gives in Christ can overcome our darkness and set us free from spiritual oppression.

It is HIStory!

With the holidays approaching, "getting ready for Christmas" becomes a focus in our lives and homes. Yet preparing our hearts to celebrate Christ's coming is even more important. The Advent season addresses this need by pointing out that all of the Bible is history - and HIS story. In this first Advent message, we study how Jesus fulfilled not just specific predictions, but all of the Old Testament, during His earthly ministry.

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A Wake-Up Call!

At the end of Mark 13, Jesus tells His disciples that no one knows when His return will be - even He does not know! What then is the purpose of prophecy in the Bible? Knowing that our Lord will certainly return, but not knowing when, motivates us to obey His command, "Stay awake."

Mark 13:32-37
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Series: The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 6

The Coming of the Son of Man

In Mark 13:24-31, Jesus provides His followers with deeper insight into Old Testament prophecies about "the Day of the Lord." We can have confidence in God's ability to accomplish His purposes because His Word will stand forever.

Mark 13:24-31
sku: 2899CD

Series: The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 6

Be On Guard!

When we consider prophetic passages like Mark 13, it helps to look at large principles instead of zooming in on details. We cannot fully understand God's providence in our daily lives: how much less can we understand His cosmic purposes? The Lord Jesus takes the correct approach by focusing on principles like "God reigns," "Be watchful," and "Have peace."

Mark 13:14-23
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Series: The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 6

Signs of the End

Most of the time, when the topic is "the end of the world," you hear a lot of speculation about dates and events and meanings. Mark 13 shows us a stiking difference in the way Jesus approached this subject. Instead of speculating about dates, the Lord provided His followers with practical instruction - actions and attitudes that will equip us to face the future He has planned.

Mark 13:5-13
sku: 2893CD

Series: The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 6

A Question For Jesus

As they leave the Temple in Mark 13, the disciples are impressed by its grandeur. Jesus uses this opportunity and challenges them not to get sidetracked with structures of religion - no matter how grand, they will end someday. The focus of our worship is eternal: Jesus Himself.

Mark 13:1
sku: 2892CD

Series: The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 6

Mark 13 - An Introduction

God's word is infallible, but no individual is an infallible interpreter of the Bible. When scholars and theologians don't agree on what a Biblical text means, how are we to understand it? This introductory study to Mark 13 encourages us to take the right approach, by focusing on the "main and plain" things.

Mark 13
sku: 2888CD

Series: The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 6