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Share the love of God with Your Children or Grandchildren

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Share the love of God with Your Children or Grandchildren

 At Truth For Life, we carefully select resources to help you deepen your relationship with Christ. This month, we've selected a wonderful book to help you share biblical truth with your children, grandchildren, or other young people in your life. [Request with any donation!]

Written by award-winning author and illustrator Phil A. Smouse, this engaging book brings key Scripture passages to life with a unique blend of humor, brightly-colored drawings, and sound biblical teaching.

Including stories from the Old and New Testaments such as, “Adam and Eve,” “Cain and Abel,” “The Good Samaritan,” and “Jesus and Nicodemus,” this book is perfect for parents to read with young children and for early readers to explore on their own. My Best-Ever Book of Bible Stories is a timeless resource to be enjoyed for years to come by the entire family. Request a copy for you and your children or as a gift for the grandchildren or young family in your life.


Excerpt from "Cain and Abe" (Genesis 4:1-16)

“…Oh, but Abel was different, for Abel liked sheep.
Yes, he loved them so much he saw sheep in his sleep.
And their baahs and their bleats didn’t bug him a bit.
He loved every wooly, wee one he could get.

“’Our God is so good, and He’s blessed me so much,
with my little, bo-sheepily people and such,
I should bring Him a present—a thank-ewe—a kid!
So that’s just what I’ll do.’ And that’s just what he did…”

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