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Lessons in Leadership (Part 3 of 3)

Even a healthy church is susceptible to contagions that can render it sick and ineffective. Thankfully, there’s preventive medicine available. On Truth For Life, Alistair Begg explores the prescription for church leaders in First Timothy chapter 5.

Household of Faith, Volume 2

Since the early days of Christianity, false teachers have sought to water down the Gospel and use it for their own glory and financial gain. While money and wealth are not necessarily evil, they can become idols, distracting our focus from God, granting a false sense of security, and inclining us to the appeal of false teaching.

In Volume 2 of the Household of Faith series, Alistair Begg completes the study of 1 Timothy, addressing the various responsibilities and risks of church leadership. He notes that great care and wisdom must be exercised in the choosing of leaders because they can either establish a pattern of spiritual maturity in the congregation or contribute to the downfall of the church. Central to the preservation of the Church is the necessity to maintain the purity of the Gospel and pass it on to future generations. Christian maturity and contentment come as we trust God’s providence and provision, understanding that it is by God’s grace and enabling that we enter into the Household of Faith.

Today’s Devotional

The Great Physician

This is a very interesting little peep into the house of the apostolic fisherman. We quickly observe that household joys and cares are no hindrance to the full exercise of ministry; rather they furnish an opportunity for personally discovering the Lord's gracious work in one's own family. They may provide better instruction for the teacher than any other earthly discipline. There are those who decry marriage, but true Christianity and family life live well together. Peter's house was possibly a ...

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September 01, 2015 Blog

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Dear Friend,

One of William Cowper’s lesser-known hymns is a favorite of mine. It deserves to be sung far more often than it is. It is a refreshingly honest lyric on the subject of prayer. The opening line addresses the well-known fact that distractions abound whenever we set about to pray.

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