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Feb. 27, 2015 Podcast

20th Anniversary Interview

The Bible is often degraded as an irrelevant document that has no bearing on modern life. So, why should we trust it? On Truth For Life, you’ll hear an informal conversation with Alistair Begg about the transformative power of God’s Word.

Today's Devotional

Our Quiet Dwelling Place

The Israelites in the wilderness were continually exposed to change. Whenever the pillar of cloud stopped, the tents were pitched; but the next day the morning sun arose, the trumpet sounded, the ark was in motion, and the fiery, cloudy ...

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Feb. 27, 2015 Blog

Why Do I Face Trials? : Wallpaper
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"God often sends us trials so that our graces may be discovered and that we may be convinced of their existence." -Spurgeon

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