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Truth For Life is excited to offer our listeners a subscription to a podcast of our daily and weekend broadcasts. This service is being offered for no additional cost to you. It is a gift to our listeners.

New to Podcasting?

To subscribe to podcasts you will need "podcatcher" software to receive your podcasts. There are several programs available for free. Truth For Life recommends you download iTunes to listen to the Truth For Life Podcast.

iTunes Instructions


CLICK HERE to subscribe via iTunes (version 6.0 or higher)


  • Step #1: Open iTunes (version 6.0 or higher) and click on "Music Store" in the source window.
  • Step #2: Once you are in the music store, click on "Podcasts" in the "Choose Store" list.
  • Step #3: Type "Truth For Life Podcasts" in the podcast search field.
  • Step #4: Finally, click on the subscribe button for the Truth For Life Podcasts... and you're done!

To Manually Subscribe:

To manually subscribe to the daily podcast with the podcast player of your choice, use the following address:

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