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Seven Questions God Asks

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"Where are you, Adam?" and "What have you done?" are two questions asked of a man whose disobedience altered the course of human history. While these jarring questions were posed thousands of years ago, they still have striking relevance for us today.

In our current series, Seven Questions God Asks, we explore seven questions God poses to men and women of Scripture that reveal His desire to forgive disobedience. Within these telling examples, we gain insight into the depth of God's desire to make us His children regardless of our rebellion. This study reveals that God’s questions are not asked for purposes of interrogation but to compel us to realign our hearts and desires with heavenly values.

Join Truth For Life with Alistair Begg this week and contemplate how these searching questions apply in your own life of faith. If you find these messages thought-provoking, then share them with a friend!

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