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Voices from the Past, Volume 2

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Voices from the Past, Volume 2

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The Puritans left us a remarkable collection of great writings. Their devotion to God’s Word and deep understanding of His instruction helped them pen volumes of treasured insights.

The 366-day devotional Voices from the Past, Volume 2 compiles works from prolific Puritan writers like Richard Baxter, John Owen, and Jeremiah Burroughs, as well as lesser-known contributors. Each devotion features a passage of Scripture followed by a commentary that reveals the Puritans’ deep understanding of God’s Word. In similar fashion to Voices from the Past, Volume 1, Richard Rushing’s compilation offers a rich sampling of work from many faithful believers from former times.

Find comfort, strength, and a renewed devotion.

format: Paperback, 422 pages
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Jennifer H. August 30, 2020

After having this book on my shelf for a while, I decided to grab it and check it out. I am so happy I did! I wasn’t aware that it was a year devotional. There is so much wisdom in these older writings, it has been such a help in my daily relationship with the Lord. Love how it truly reflects the Scriptures. I am so thankful for godly men the Lord has placed in different centuries & generations to help teach us the wondrous things of his law.

Judy E. November 2, 2020

I received this book as an offering after I became a supporter of Truth For Life. It has been like that "spring of living water" that is never-ending. I am amazed at how God has given His wisdom and truth to so many who have been faithful to pass it on. I cannot go a day without the instruction, peace, and strength these words bring to me.

Gary S. January 1, 2021

I am very happy to have the daily devotionals that I have received from Truth for Life. I have both volumes of this work of devotions. I also have Spurgeon's "Morning by Morning" and have just received his "Check Book of the Bank of Faith". Spurgeon is timeless in his preaching and teaching of the Bible. I didn't think I would enjoy him, but he is a man with the skill to bless the reader with Biblical truth.

Victoria G. March 10, 2021

This devotional is great blessing! I highly recommend it as I have no doubt that you too will be greatly blessed by it. Enjoy and give thanks and praise to our God! Thank you Alistair Begg and Truth for Life for your faithful service and ministry and for being a sound and trusted source for good resources. May you all be richly blessed greater than you can imagine.

Christina P. April 30, 2021

An amazing book! This book compliments my Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening." A beautifully written devotional that helps me stay close to God by trying to implement what I read and applying it to my daily life. I recommend this devotional for all who are not only trying to build on your personal relationship with our Saviour but also with our brothers and sisters in Christ.