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Voices from the Past, Volume 2

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Voices from the Past, Volume 2
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432 pages, Softcover

The Puritans left us a remarkable collection of great writings. Their devotion to God’s Word and deep understanding of His instruction helped them pen volumes of treasured insights.

The 366-day devotional, Voices from the Past, Volume 2, compiles works from prolific Puritan writers like Richard Baxter, John Owen, and Jeremiah Burroughs, as well as lesser known contributors. Each devotion features a passage of Scripture, followed by a commentary that revels the Puritan’s deep understanding of God’s Word. In similar fashion to Voices from the Past, Volume 1, Richard Rushing’s compilation offers a rich sampling of work from many faithful believers from the past.

Find comfort, strength, and a renewed devotion.

format: Paperback, 422 pages
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