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American Gospel: Two-Documentary Collection (DVD)

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American Gospel: Two-Documentary Collection (DVD)
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Does Christianity mean Christ plus the American Dream? Can Christianity be minus sin, God’s judgment, and Christ crucified? Watch the astonishing reality of how our culture has created a different gospel and a god made in man’s image.

From faith healing to the prosperity gospel, this exclusive two-documentary collection, available only from Truth For Life, explores the tangible consequences of a society that embraces poor theology and a self-made god.

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- Double DVD kit
- Includes a link for streaming
- Features interviews with Alistair

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Alicia Z. December 13, 2020

This reveals how the historical Biblical gospel has become so distorted within our culture and is exported abroad. Viewing is difficult as you see self-proclaimed experts twisting the Scripture and people declaring what they have decided God should be and should not be. They have definitely fashioned a god in their own image. I recommend this documentary to remind us that this is a very real spiritual battle and that we must know the enemy.