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We Do Not Lose Heart

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ID: 23516 • May 26, 2016

Burdens. Criticism. Anxiety. The Apostle Paul describes facing all of these as a result of his commitment to proclaiming the Gospel. Yet, through it all, he was able to testify that he did not lose heart and likewise commends those who "have the same spirit of faith" to do the same by looking to things that are unseen and eternal (2 Cor. 4).

Drawing from Paul's model of praying, preaching, and perseverance, Alistair Begg, along with guests Josh Moody, Senior Pastor at College Church in Wheaton, Illinois, D.A. Carson from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, and Jonathan Holmes from Parkside Church, look to Paul's example of ministry as a model for encouragement during the 2016 Basics Conference.

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