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Firm Foundation, Volume 8

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ID: 14608 • December 1, 2007

Paul helped to establish the church in Corinth, but by the time he wrote his first letter to them, the church had already wandered from its foundation. Novel ideas were favored over solid biblical teaching, resulting in confusion, division, and spiritual infancy. Desiring that the church might be presented mature in Christ, Paul addressed a number of practical elements of faith. Noting striking resemblances between the Corinthian church and the church today, Alistair Begg walks us through the warnings and exhortations of 1 Corinthians.

In closing his letter to the Corinthians, Paul taught that the reality of Christ’s resurrection has a direct impact upon ordinary life. Some consider the study of doctrine a “Sunday only” activity, but Paul’s final words challenge such a mindset. In volume eight, we learn that if our faith is to be believable, our behavior must reflect our beliefs.

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