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God's Design for Women

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"Until we are convinced that God has a legitimate right to rule and that He has spoken in His Word and should get the last word on every subject, we will not be able to make the progress that we require."

"We must address this most foundational issue regarding the very nature of our creation before we can begin to consider the other albeit important questions of womanhood." - Alistair Begg

The Bible tells us all we need to know in order to live as men and women. Even though the words were written long ago and in a far away place, the Scriptures are immediately relevant to us because of who the author is; God formed both the words and those reading the words. Yet, unless we accept the authority of God’s Word, we will not do everything pertaining to it.

It is from this fundamental starting point that Alistair Begg tackles the issue of God’s Design for Women. Seeking particularly the wisdom found in the books of Psalms, 1 Peter and Titus, he explores the following questions;
Why would we examine the Bible for the questions relating to womanhood?
Do I have a proper view of God’s design in the first place?
Are men and women really that different?
What does it mean to be man’s ‘helper’?
Does man’s priority mean superiority?
Do men and women really need each other?
What does it mean to be submissive?
What is the value of a ‘quiet and gentle spirit’?
Do women really have the power to impact their husbands, children and the wider community?
What place, if any, do women have in ministry?

Alistair, with God’s help, shows us that the Bible holds the answers to all of these questions and you’ll discover more by listening to this series and reading the Word for yourself.

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