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A Study in Nehemiah, Volume 3

God’s Glory in Our Goodness

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ID: 11603 • November 1, 1996

When the people of Israel returned to Jerusalem after the exile, the city was run down, and its wall had been destroyed. The book of Nehemiah describes its namesake’s effort to rebuild the wall and restore God’s city. It offers an example of godly leadership that believers can learn from today. Nehemiah’s prayerful dependence on God, his devotion to the Word, and his commitment to lead Israel in repentant faith are exemplary in the biblical record.

In the final volume of this series, Alistair Begg explains how the people’s repentance after hearing God’s Word proclaimed resulted in a commitment to godly living. As we seek to obey the Word in each aspect of our lives together, it is critical that we do so from changed hearts, not just changed behavior. We must diligently confront threats to our devotion so that we may gain honor with the one audience that matters—God Himself—even as we bring Him glory before a watching world.

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