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The Hand of God

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The Hand of God
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Softcover, 256 pages

Alistair Begg’s recently revised book, The Hand of God: Finding His Care in All Circumstances, explores how the epic saga of Joseph in the book of Genesis points to truths that can underpin our faith. “If we belong to Him and have committed our lives to Him,” Alistair writes, “God is at work on our behalf! In believing this, we may learn to view difficulties and disappointments not as stumbling blocks, but rather as stepping stones along the path of God’s providential care.”

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Rodney W. March 12, 2021

Absolutely loved this book. I recently took on a pastorate of a small church that was fairly heavily taught in modern prophetic doctrine without much emphasis on scriptural authority or sovereignty. This book has been a great help as a simple resource for the believers here to grasp God's magnificent care for us. Thanks Lord for such a gem.

Cynthia L. March 26, 2022

We loved reading this book. We had no idea what God's providential care really means. We’ve never read or thought of the different insights that Alistair Begg brings to the story of Joseph. We learned a lot. It’s a very valuable book. It brought a realization of how even though things don’t look good God will work things out for us. I really see that better now.