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Alive & God Does His Best Work with Empty

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Alive & God Does His Best Work with Empty
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Alive: In his new book Alive: How the Resurrection of Christ Changes Everything, Dr. Gabriel Fluhrer confronts the flawed reasoning of some of today’s most popular theories and arguments against Jesus’ resurrection. He then investigates both the historical and biblical evidence that consistently points to the reality of the resurrection as the most logical conclusion. This book assures us of Scripture’s validity by demonstrating how the resurrection foreshadowed in the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New.

Jesus’ resurrection is just as critical to God’s redemption plan as the crucifixion. Alive helps us see how Christ’s victory over sin and death is the foundation for our hope and should shape every aspect of our daily lives. Jesus promises abundant life in Him. Find out what that means for us presently, as well as after death.

God Does His Best Work with Empty: In her new book God Does His Best Work with Empty, Bible teacher Nancy Guthrie points to the stories in God’s Word to illustrate the phenomenal work He accomplishes with empty people. Guthrie walks readers through Scripture, highlighting evidence of all that God is doing, has done, and promises to do when we feel at our lowest.

Each chapter of God Does His Best Work with Empty gives examples from the Bible to illustrate the various ways God fills our emptiness—with grace, faith, and joy, to name a few. In story after story, Guthrie shows how the Lord used time in the wilderness to draw His people back to Himself, wean them from worldly cravings, and fill them instead with His life-giving Spirit. As you read, you’ll discover how God fills us with His provision when we’re in need and with His presence when we’re lonely, and how He gives us purpose when our lives feel meaningless. As a special bonus, the book’s final chapter is a powerful, Scripture-based prayer that you can use to guide yourself as you seek God’s filling whenever you’re worn down or blindsided by life.

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