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The Gospel of John Three-Pack

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The Gospel of John Three-Pack

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Introduce three friends to Jesus by giving one of these beautifully crafted paperback editions of the Gospel of John.

This easy-to-read presentation of John’s Gospel makes the book accessible for friends, neighbors, and relatives who may feel intimidated by the full course of Scripture.

These shareable ESV editions come with an attractive press-grain paperback cover, thick interior pages, and a simple layout to enhance comprehension. The book also includes a helpful introduction to orient new readers and a plan for reading through the Gospel in three days, seven days, or twenty-one days.

At the end of the book, there’s an explanation of what it means to be a Christian and a prayer that readers can pray to ask Jesus to indwell within them and empower them to live as His faithful followers.

format: Paperback, 112 pages
sku: 32892
topic: The Bible