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Knowing God & Contentment

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Knowing God & Contentment
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Knowing God: J.I. Packer’s classic work Knowing God has engaged forty years’ worth of readers in the pursuit of a more intimate relationship with the Living God of the Bible. Because Scripture reveals everything we need to understand about His wisdom, truth, and goodness, Knowing God examines the pictures, analogies, stories, and history recorded for us to meditate on as we contemplate God’s power and grace.

Explaining both who God is and how we can relate to him, Packer divides his book into three sections: The first directs our attention to how and why we know God, the second to the attributes of God and the third to the benefits enjoyed by a those who know him intimately. This guide leads readers into a greater understanding of God while providing advice to gaining a closer relationship with Him as a result.

Written in an engaging and practical tone, this thought-provoking work seeks to transform and enrich the Christian understanding of God.

Contentment: The answer to our striving for contentment is not centered in what but in Who we need to look to for help… and that person is Jesus Christ. In the 31-day devotional by Megan Hill called Contentment: Seeing God’s Goodness begins the month’s entries with a consideration of the value of contentment and points to Christ as the perfect example.

Warm encouragement impresses upon the heart the blessedness of receiving all of life’s events and circumstances as from God’s own hand. Contentment: Seeing God’s Goodness helps reset our minds and hearts on what matters so that we can glorify the One who gives our lives meaning.

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