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Name Above All Names - Hardcover

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Name Above All Names - Hardcover

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(Hardcover, 181 pgs) Brand new from Alistair Begg and fellow Bible teacher, Sinclair Ferguson, Name Above All Names helps us deepen our knowledge and love of Christ.

“This book, as its title suggests, is a brief exposition of what Christians often refer to as ‘the person and work of Christ.’ Its focus is on some of the different ways in which the Bible portrays Christ’s identity and describes His ministry. The chapters are by no means exhaustive. They cover only seven of the many descriptions of Jesus found in the Bible, and none of those descriptions is treated exhaustively. So these pages are meant as a taster, a beginning exploration. Our joint prayer is that they will help some who are not yet Christians, be an eye opener to those who already are, serve as an encouragement for mature believers, and be a pleasure for all who love Christ.”
– Alistair Begg and Sinclair Ferguson

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