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To Seek and to Save

To Seek and to Save
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Softcover, 160 pages
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What would it have been like to travel along the road with Jesus and the disciples as they moved toward the most pivotal point in all of human history—the crucifixion?

Best-selling author Sinclair Ferguson’s new release, titled To Seek and to Save, invites readers to journey alongside Jesus on His final trip to Jerusalem. In this five-week Lenten devotional drawn from the Gospel of Luke, Sinclair gives an intimate, up-close look at the vivid characters Jesus encountered as He made His way purposefully toward Calvary. From a speechless man to a fearful flock to an offended Pharisee, Jesus met all kinds of people—some seeking help, some simply curious, and some wanting nothing to do with Him.

To Seek and to Save not only takes readers on a journey to Jerusalem but also skillfully encourages readers to look deep into their own hearts to decide how they’ll respond to Jesus’ invitation to pick up their cross and follow Him.

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