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Middle-School Devotionals

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Middle-School Devotionals

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Author Sinclair Ferguson brings his fatherly best in this collection of devotional books written to assure middle schoolers that Jesus knows them personally and cares for them unconditionally.

In easy-to-read, five-minute daily readings, these foundational books familiarize young teens with over 100 important stories from Scripture about Jesus from both the Old and New Testaments.

Each book presents 31 devotions that include:

  • a short Scripture passage about Jesus;
  • a three-page, easy-to-read insight explaining the passage, using examples and language intended for middle schoolers; and
  • a short prayer.

Perfect for busy students with full schedules, these quick but informative readings make it easy for even the most time-pressed kids to spend five minutes each day with Jesus.

Order a set for all the middle-school students in your family and friend group this Christmas.

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