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When You Pray, Say

When You Pray, Say
CD Series
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Martin Luther referred to the Lord’s Prayer as "the greatest martyr on earth," because it was used, he said, so frequently without thought or feeling and without reverence or faith. In our Christian lives, nothing is more important, and nothing more difficult to establish and maintain, than a meaningful prayer life.

Although we can find time to do just about everything else; good things, industrious things, ministry things, it seems that when we get to the issue of prayer, everything militates against us. At the same time, there is a danger is that our prayers are just babble. But this needn’t be the case. We don’t talk to those we love in that way.

When we look at the Lord’s Prayer, we realize that there is much instruction contained in it. We shouldn’t think of it as something that is simply liturgical. Rather, we ought to consider it a realistic help to us in establishing our own prayer lives. As Christians we must be committed to seeing prayer become a central part of our daily walk with Christ. Prayer shouldn’t be supplemental - it should be fundamental.

In this series Alistair Begg explores what it means to use the Lord’s Prayer purposefully, seeking to understand then apply the principles it teaches.

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